Nano Technology

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The Lotus Effect

For this work I referred to an image displaying on a nano scale, the self-cleaning action of the lotus plant which showed how particles of dirt absorbed by the water are removed in the process. I made three spheres which are formed with heat onto thermoplastic nonwoven to create a skin. Textured material is added which describes an interpretation of the dirt particles. Finally they are plated with silver, nickel and zinc.

Agglomerated Nanoparticles

Many of the images I have been looking at show clusters of grape like spheres. I manipulated Knitted thermoplastic fabric around glass marbles and electroplated them copper to create rigidity and permanence.

Cell Death

This work is inspired by images supplied, and conversations with, Andrew Pelling from The London Centre for Nanotechnology, University College, London. He is studying Cell Apoptosis (cell suicide) and analysing how the induction of cell death might be used in treating tumours. The images suggest a mass of fibres. I imagined what the gradual breakdown of a cell would be like; the nucleus gradually splitting and the fibres stretching revealing a gap, until they ultimately explode into fragments. To interpret this I teased out the fibres from an industrial nonwoven fabric. I was trying to draw with the material to create a tension in the work. This I plated copper and created a blue oval for the nucleus with coloured fibres to represent the Actin filaments which drive the ‘shape changes’ in the cell.

Cell Group (Zinc)

This work was informed by images describing nanostructures that can exhibit complex electronic properties.The interleaved structures are assembled using two contrasting industrial materials, an industrial nonwoven and a conductive shielding fabric. I am seeking to describe an internal energy and create shadows by the light falling on and through it, revealing both absence and presence.

Fractured Rolls

Nano jet etching tools exist which selectively assist with the treatment of a bone fracture surface. This work was created from studying the etching process at its different stages. A combination of thermoplastic materials was fused together by heat and pressure then plated copper and patinated.

Micelles (Micelles Close up)

Micelle formation is essential for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and complicated lipids within the human body. An image showing a micelles on a nano scale provided the basis for a series of 2D works. I manipulated thermoplastic expanding tape to draw and form structures which reflect the rhythm, textures and layers I found so engaging in the original image and text. The work was then made conductive with a silver based paint then electroplated silver and copper.
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