New Bowl

Partially electroplated copper and made from recycled polypropylene Builders Garden Rubble Aggregate Sack.

Virus blue

This is an example showing the plaster like form achieve by rapid prototyping then with the addition of heated thermoplastic geo textile which were then electroplated. Demonstrating how virtual technology using a haptic tool enabled a solid form to be made .It was then completed creating work where all the senses but taste combined.

And then

This is one of three experimental works and my response to the Tsunami in Japan 2012. It was made with conductive fibre with the addition of lace fragments which represent the fragility of the buildings and the power of the water, it was electroplated copper and nickel.

Fossilised Feathers 2013

This work is feathers fused in a heat press into a thermoplastic geo textile. It was copper plated on the reverse and some of the plating has seeped through to the face fabric. It is one of those chance happenings.