With Steven Harkin: Bespoke bag designer Steven Harkin incorporated my engineered patterned fabrics onto bags and accessories creating unique pieces to be used for a long time. He uses traditional handcraft techniques, which gives his designs a contemporary relevance taking inspiration from the clean lines of modernist, architecture and automotive designs. Harkin’s sculptural approach to leatherwork has been acknowledged internationally and collected privately and publicly, with his work appearing in gallery collections including the Victorian Craft Collection, Melbourne, the Walsall Leather Museum in the UK, the Hendrikje Museum of Purses and Bags, Amsterdam, Netherlands and the Musée Galliéra, Paris.

‘AC Mini’ BAG

A leather bag incorporating nano-like patterns inspired by electron microscopy images of butterflies.. The fabric was achieved by fusing a laddered knitted nylon fabric to a carbon nonwoven designed for fuel cells. The nylon acts as a ‘resist’ masking some areas whilst exposing laddered pattern and holes revealing the carbon fabric beneath. It was then plated silver..

Silver Hook

An experimental piece combing hand crafted leather with the silver fabric created for Silver Lattice Roll which is featured in the nano section.


A bag that looks like a magazine rack with anodised Aluminium handles and leather and suede lining. It is faced with the same fabric construction as ‘AC Mini’ but electroplated with zinc.


A large shoulder bag with leather and suede lining incorporating a fabric inspired by nano images of skin. The fabric is created by fusing domestic cling film to a carbon non-woven. The film is folded, manipulated and arranged to leave areas of the carbon exposed and then heat pressed. At this stage the fabric is black in appearance with a barely visible pattern made by the almost transparent resist surface. Strength and colour is achieved when the sandwiched patterned fabric is copper plated.