A selection of images shown in exhibitions over a period since 1995

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Work in situ exhibition in Matsushima Japan 17th November - 23rd November 2015
Rope made from a variety of domestic worn textiles. Twisted together to make a strong cord demonstrating how there is strength in coming together. The electroplated ginkgo leaves are traditionally a symbol of endurance and vitality. I find the leaves very beautiful and I hope appropriate for this work.


Work in situ exhibition in Matsushima Japan 17th November - 23rd November 2015
Industrial nonwoven fabric designed for water filtration. Embellished with urishi lacquer coloured silk thread and stitched electroplated Japanese maple leaves.


Work in situ exhibition in Matsushima Japan 17th November - 23rd November 2015
I have electroplated the inside of broken eggshells. I see them as a metaphor for the Tsunami. Eggs represent life and are beautifully formed. I am suggesting that by introducing copper to the insides it gives another value representing hope and embracing the future. The vessels are made from an industrial nonwoven fabric. The one with the small eggs is like the sun the other metallised with zinc represents the moon. The large eggs are ostrich eggs the small ones hen eggs.

Textile cylinder sculptures

Work in situ exhibition in Matsushima Japan 17th November - 23rd November 2015
Three small silver tubes made from conductive fibre and lace. The lace represents the fragility of some of the buildings and the power of the water. The others represent piles of wood and debris but with added copper to demonstrate repair and moving on.

Divide and Seek 2011/2012

This work was created for 'BITE-SIZE' - an exhibition of miniature textiles celebrating 15 years of collaboration between textile artists in the UK and Japan opened at The Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation in London between October 31st - December 14th 2011. It was then shown at Gallery Gallery Kyoto Japan between February 25th – 10th March 2012, and from May 12th – 26th at Nagoya University of the Arts. The work is fashioned with industrial shielding fabric and thermoplastic tape it was then electroplated copper.

Body Forms 2011

My aim was to create a series of forms described with line (metallised polypropylene fibre) by gradually reducing the amount of fibre covering, yet still suggest or describe the form. This is work in progress and I shall revisit it to see if it is possible to reveal the form by further reducing the lines.

Fibre Spheres 2010

Work created for the ‘Unwrapping the Line’ exhibition in Melbourne during March and April 2010. Line can inform, describe, suggest and be seductive. I opted to wrap 3 individual balls or spheres in different conductive yarn one which was coaxial cable. I electroplate them, which makes them solid and stiff and as it were freezes movement. The different types of yarn represent or suggest some of the characteristics of drawing mediums. I don’t usually exhibit work, which is photographed, but was delighted to have the opportunity to see my images transferred and digitally printed onto fabric.

Found Objects 2010

Working with KUTAC a multi-disciplinary group of artists and designers this work was exhibited at Brighton Media Centre’s Friese-Green House Gallery. Porcelain doll fragments of different sizes partially buried in a forest at Friedrichshöhe, former East Germany. The dolls are called Frozen charlottes. I have combined them with pebbles found on Brighton beach and manipulated copper wire. They were finally selectively electroplated.

Bouquet 2007

This is one of several works made for a research project at Chelsea College The University of the Arts London called Ever & Again (rethinking recycled textiles). I have included it as an example of how materials like those found in cables can be transformed into something precious with a ‘long life’. Here coaxial cable has been manipulated and the wires painstakingly embellished with waste from hole-punched conductive material. It was then electroplated copper and finished with silver.

Solo Show 2007

Gallery Gallery Kyoto Japan A collection of small textile art works including ‘eggs in bowl’.

Catharsis 2004

‘Through the Surface’ Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Silver knitted fabric. Shibori manipulation, varnish resist and electroplated zinc.

Dispersion 2004

‘Through the Surface’ A combination of conductive fibre knitted shielding fabric and metallic organza the type often used in Sari's. I am concerned with expressing time and as the metal surfaces age with time, their patina alters and I look forward to celebrating times intervention on the finished work.

Dispersion 2004

‘Through the Surface’ Detail of zinc pieces in the foreground.

Books 2004

‘Through the Surface’ at The Museum of Modern Arts Kyoto Japan.This developed from a mentoring exchange project with Artists from Japan. Here I’ve used conductive carbon nonwoven ( used for fuel cells) fused with laddered knitted nylon which acts as a resist when plated.
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